Corrib Moving and Storage Reviews

It’s not always easy when you have to move house, but it helps if you have people around you who can cooperate and help when you need it most. Even if you’re moving some pieces of furniture to your new office or refurbishing your bedroom and giving away your old bed and wardrobes to a friend, it’s always more simple if you can find a convenient way around it.

Corrib Moving and Storage are based in San Francisco, and provide removal and storage services. Apart from removal and storage services, they can also package valuable or fragile items that are being shipped overseas or being sent within America.


Corrib Moving and Storage are experts in moving pianos. Many people wouldn’t even attempt to move a piano, as it’s very awkward to maneuver pianos in and out of doors, up and down stairs and even just across a room. As pianos are very expensive and lose value quickly if damaged, it’s always worth investing in a good, reputable removal company if you need to move an instrument like this. As the Corrib Moving and Storage crew has a lot of experience moving pianos, both upright and grand, your piano will be in safe hands throughout the journey.




As well as moving and storage services, Corrib also provides packaging materials for many different items. From small boxes for books, tape and paper pads to art boxes, wardrobe boxes and even mattress bags, your items can be safely packaged while travelling to ensure they are affected in the least possible way. Advisors can also help you choose the correct packaging materials for your items, as things like size, material and sealing can be very important. If it’s the day before your move and you’re panicking and running out of time, let the staff at Corrib Moving and Storage know and they’ll be able to bring the materials in order to help you package everything.


Getting a quote


It’s very easy to get a quote, and the friendly staff make it simple for anybody needing to move furniture and other belongings. While it’s best to get your quote earlier rather than later, don’t worry if you only have a few days before you need to use the service. You can get a free quote via the Corrib Moving and Storage website or over the phone if you call the company. The best thing to do is give as much information as possible e.g. how many things need to be moved, the dates of your move, the locations.




The storage services provided by this company are very convenient. You can store items, fully packaged, for as long as you want to. It doesn’t matter how much you want to store, because there’s plenty of room in the Corrib warehouses.


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